Road trip in Finland – Porvoo

Our trip started at Helsinki Airport where we met on the 27th August at 2pm with my friend, I was flying from London (direct), she was coming from Marseille via Amsterdam. Our first objective was to pick up our rental car, which was really a piece of cake. Finding the car however took a little bit more time… The parkings at Helsinki airport are build in a circus shape and if you end up in the wrong circus, well, it can take a while.

The roads in Finland are amazingly new and smooth compared to Great Britain (no offence), however be careful! Radars are in operation literally at every corner.


Our first stop was Porvoo, on the Southern Coast of Finland, only 30 minutes drive from Helsinki Airport. Porvoo is a lovely and very arty town, you will find a lot of small decoration boutiques, tea shops and restaurants in the old city center. The rather steep walk to the town church is really worth it both for the church itself and the view. From the church take the small passage to the riverside, where you can admire the old storage buildings on the river. We were also greeted by wooden and fabric decorations attached on the bridge and barrier. Also we did not find out what it was about, it really brings a warm atmostphere to this small town.

Collage 2016-09-24 09_58_55.jpg

More info here about Porvoo

Practical Info: From Helsinki take the E18 and exit 60. We parked in a small street near a shopping center, parking is free on weekends, pay and display during the week until 4:30pm.

Eating: There is a lot of small coffees and teas houses around which are open most of the day. Restaurants are only open at lunch and dinner time and prices are quite expansives (£18 for a burger at Ravintola Meat District but you have to keep in mind that you are paying for a high quality and local food).

Walking Around:


We then headed off to Lahti (1h drive from Porvoo), our stop for the night.




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  1. Very nice that You visited outside Helsinki. Porvoo is beautiful small with its old own. Did You visit inside the church? Inside it, there is a very beautiful
    Votive Ship.

    Road trips are great way to see countryside, but now in autumn the nature is not at its best. If You want to see what my country offers, then take a time to check my blog.

    About me.

    Happy and safe travels!


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