Road Trip Finland – Puumala

After a quick stop at Savonlinna center to see the castle by day – and grab some breakfast! – we’re on the road again.

Savonlinna Finland Road Trip 2

Savonlinna Finland Road TripSavonlinna Finland Road Trip 3

We’re heading toward Puumala, back south, at the heart of the lake district. We were advised to try our luck at seal spotting on the lake by walking the “Seal Trail”. Really nice walk, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see any seals. If you are interested, you can find a map of the seal trail here. The whole walk is 10 km but you can do a shorter version (which we did) in about 2 hours.

Puumala Finland Road Trip 2Puumala Finland Road Trip 1

We then decided to have a look at some prehistorical painting. It seems it wasn’t our day: after 1hour walk under the rain and no sign of any paintings, we decided to turn back.

If you want to see paintings in the area, here is a useful map. I would advice asking for indication at the tourist information to avoid disappointment.

We had more luck with rock boulders spotting, they are much easier to see.

Heading back to Kouvola, this was the end of our Finnish Road trip. From Kouvola, we will take a train to St Petersburg (really) early the next morning.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend visiting Kouvola, we didn’t find the city very attractive.

Save it for late

Finland RoadtripRoad Trip in Finland


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