City Break – St Petersburg – Day 2

We had an early start on our second day to take a river boat to Peterhoff Palace and luckily the sun was with shinning. The boat had no outside seats like you could see in London, therefore the view of the river bank was pretty limited.

St Petersburg Hermitage Museum

Once arrived on St Peterhoff Pier we had to practise our – very poor – Russian to be able to get tickets. Quite surprisingly the staff at the ticket/information office did not speak English, nor was any written information in English. We managed to get two tickets to the gardens and followed the crowd to the Grand Fountain. This was the best fountain I have seen so far, 64 fountains and 37 golden statues – truly amazing. It is said the fountain was commanded after __ visit to Versailles.


St Peterhoff Palace St PetersburgSt Peterhoff Palace (3)St Peterhoff Palace

Wandering into the huge park and gardens was incredibly relaxing with the weather on our side. We didn’t manage to get any paper maps (I am not sure there was any), so you’ll have to remember (or take a snap) at the big maps displayed near the castle.

We didn’t go inside the Palace as the huge queue scared us off. Instead we decided to try some blinis (typical Russian pancake) and got off the park. We choose to try the marshrutka (really cheap mini buses – more vans) that take over where the tube finishes). Luckily we found a young souvenir seller who spoke English and helped us finding the right one (again, everything in russian!).

After a well-deserved break at our hotel, we went to see the sunset on the river armed with camera and tripod. St Petersburg is even more incredible at night when all the buildings are lit up in Disney-like colourful lights.

St Petersburg SunsetSt Petersburg (4)St Petersburg (5)St Petersburg (7)St Petersburg (8)

We had dinner at the Vodka Museum: Kiev chicken, salmon soufflé and of course vodka!

Save it for late

St Petersburg discover the citySt Petersburg Must see


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