City Break – St Petersburg – Day 4

Late start compared to the other days, but we REALLY needed the extra hours sleep. Once the bag packed (yes, last day in Russia already!) and left at the hotel, we head for the Hermitage Museum. Important Tip! You can skip the whole queue by buying your tickets on the machines in the court yard (they speak english). However, I would recommend getting there early and during the week if you can. Also, plan your visit in advance, you can find a map and description of each exhibition online. Very important if you don’t want to miss the must see! Indeed, according to the guide, you will need 11 years to visit if you stop 1 minute at every exhibit! Last bit of caution, pickpockets also operate in the museum (only place in St Petersburg where we saw some attempts), make sure you keep your bags closed.

The first thing you will see when entering is the massive staircase. The pallace was originally build for the Tzars and you can easily notice it.

Hermitage Museum (2)Hermitage Museum (3)Hermitage Museum (4)

We then visited the Pallace interiors and Russiand interiors of 19th century. We also had a look at Siberian antiquities which look more interesting than it sounds.

The weather forecast was announcing some rain (which is why we choose to do the museum) however it appear that in Russia (like in the UK) they are not very good at it: it was the hotest day!

We did a few tourists shops to buy postcard and other souvenirs (Singer book shop stayed our favourite – cheap and orignal. See City Break โ€“ St Petersburg โ€“ Day 1). We ate for the second time at Gogol, this time we tried salmon crepe, beef salad, pelmeni (russian raviolis – lamb this time) and Julienne chicken. I even tried a Kvass – typical drink made with bread (yes!).

After a few desserts (Napoleon is quite typical as well), we picked up our bags at the hotel and headed back to Finlandsky station for our train back to Helsinki.

Save it for late

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