Peak District walks – Weekend away

Our weekend in the Peak District started at Grindleford near Baslow where we stayed at Brigitte and Dave’s lovely cottage. Grindleford is ideally located in the Dark Peaks, higher part of the Peak District. You can choose a walk starting from Grindleford or if you are up for a little more challenge you can opt for the Kinder Scout walk. Starting at Edale (parking £4 for the day) you will walk the very first part of the Pennine Way before climbing Jacob’s ladder to Kinder Scout. We were really lucky with the weather and the view from the top of Jacob’s ladder was amazing.

Pennine Way Peak District (2)


Jacob Ladder Peak District

From there we choose to skip the shortcut and explore a bit more the forts of the area. This will add a few miles to your walk (count 7-8 miles with the shortcut and 10-11 miles for the long way) but if the sky is clear it is really worth it! The only downside is the long walk with no real path marked in the swampy top of the hill.

Kinder Scout Peak District (2)Kinder Scout Peak District (1)


After our walk we headed to Maltock (less than 1 hour away) to stay at Peter’s house, an incredibly well renovated mill. We stopped to Bakewell on the way to try the famous cake and some supplies for the next day.

On our last day, still stiff from the big walk of the day before, we started off easy. On Peter’s advice, we wandered 15 minutes from the house to see Lumsdale Falls. The walk is very easy and you’ll learn a lot about the history of the place.

Lumsdale Waterfall Walk (6)Lumsdale Waterfall Walk (7)Lumsdale Waterfall Walk (2)Lumsdale Waterfall Walk (4)

From there, we took the road to Wetton where we choose a 6-7 miles walk which include a visit to Thor’s Cave. This walk is taking you on top of an old copper mine and the Cave is a big highlight whether you have kids or no!

Ecton Peak District Walk (1)Ecton Peak District Walk (2)Thor's Cave Wetton Peak District (1)Thor's Cave Wetton Peak District (2)

After the walk we visited Tissington where a dressing well was taking place. We were expecting to see some costumes, but a dressing well is in fact huge flower “paintings”. Apparently this tradition started when the village was miraculously spared by the plague, as a thanksgiving.

Tissington Dressing Well Peak District (1)Tissington Dressing Well Peak District (2)Tissington Dressing Well Peak District (3)Tissington Dressing Well Peak District (4)

And this was the end to our weekend in the Peak District.

Save it for late

Peak District EnglandThe Pennine Way Peak District





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  1. Wow girl! You have absolutely STUNNING photos! I love this first photo you have with the rocks , hills & the lake in the background. Seems like you had a stellar weekend ❤


  2. this place looks absolutely breathtaking WOW no words , and you are an amazing photographer for having taken such stunning photos it almost felt like I was there 😀


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