7 Best Markets in London

Summer is almost here and it is the best season for discovering London’s best Markets! The weather is nice and the proper summer tourist crowds haven’t arrived yet. Find below my favorites 7 (lucky number) markets in Central London.

Broadway Market


Saturdays between 9am-5pm.

london-underground-3752ebfd15956aba-512x512Tube: Bethnal Green then 20 minutes walk / Train: Cambridge Heath or London field then 10 minutes walk.

I discovered this market during a photo workshop (The London Photographers School – which I really recommend if you’re into photography!). This market is renown amongst locals but still unknown from the tourists. You’ll find some nice meat, cheese and cakes at a very reasonable price. Once you had enough, you can relax in London fields or enjoy a bite and a drink in one of the café.

London Market Broadway market 1

Columbia Road Market


Sundays between 8am-2pm.

london-underground-3752ebfd15956aba-512x512Tube: Old Street then 20 minutes walk                                                               Train: Hoxton then 10 minutes walk.

Columbia Road Flower Market is very famous, make sure you get there early if you want to be able to walk through! It is worth it thought, the coloured flower stands are a must see. Here, you’ll find the best deals on flowers, but there is also food and a couple of antique shops. Make sure to have a look at the little courtyard in Erza Street. Try the Lilly Vanilli Bakery for one of their homemade cakes.

London Market Columbia Road 2

London Market Columbia Road 4London Market Columbia Road 3

Old Spitafields Market


Everyday between 10am-5pm / Saturdays open at 11am.

london-underground-3752ebfd15956aba-512x512Tube: Liverpool Street or Aldgate East Station then 10 minutes walk        Train: Liverpool Street Station then 10 minutes walk.

This market is 350 years old! It is housed in a very nice Victorian market hall and nowadays sells hand crafted clothes, accessories and others. There are some very original stands and you’ll also find some branded boutique like MAC, Chanel, Jigsaw. It is not the cheapest market in London but it is usually quiet and not too crowded. The surroundings of the markets are pretty old and worth a little wander.

London Market Spitafield Market

Brick Lane Market


Saturdays between 11am-6pm / Sundays between 10am-5pm.

london-underground-3752ebfd15956aba-512x512Tube: Liverpool Street then 15 minutes walk  / Train: Shoreditch High Street then 10 minutes walk.

This one can be combined with the Old Spitafield Market if you’re coming during the weekend. A bit more messy and vintage than Old Spitafield, Brick Lane is very famous and can get pretty busy. However, the market goes along the whole street so you won’t feel too cramped. Don’t hesitate to enter in the numerous (and sometimes strange) markets – it’s where you’ll find the best vintage clothes. My favorite is Vintage Market in the Old Truman Brewery. There is also a lot (and I mean it) of food stands for a quick bite. I would recommend Beigel Bake, at the end of the street, for a cheap but fully filled bagel. Don’t be put off by the queue, they are really fast!

If you’re a cat lover, why not reserve a tea time moment surrounded by cats and kittens at the Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium? Make sure you book in advance, as it get full pretty quick!

PS: One of the best areas if you fancy some street art!

London Market - Brick Lane

Borough Market


Tuesday to Friday between 10am-5pm / Saturdays between 8am-5pm.

london-underground-3752ebfd15956aba-512x512Tube: London Bridge or Borough Station then 5 minutes walk  / Train: London Bridge Station then 5 minutes walk.

This market is housed in an incredible glass and metal hall, under the railway. Here it is food, food and more food. You’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted: bread, cheese, vegs, products from France, Spain and others countries. It can be a bit pricey but the food is really great.

London Market Borough Market

After the market, you can pop at the Shard – pretty incredible from just below!

Camden Lock Market


Everyday between 10am-7pm.

london-underground-3752ebfd15956aba-512x512Tube: Camden Town Station then 5 minutes walk  / Train: Camden Road Station then 10 minutes walk.

Maybe the most touristic market in London! However, you have to do it (at least) once! It used to be a really grunge and punk style clothing and accessories market but nowadays it is really a tourists market. The shops fronts are still quite impressive and you can get some funny clothes and accessories to bring back home. If you fancy a walk, I would definitely recommend the canal walk from Little Venice to Camden Town.

London Market Camden

Portobello Market


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the best 9am-6pm.

london-underground-3752ebfd15956aba-512x512Tube: Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove or Westbourne Park  Station then 5 minutes walk.

Definitely the most coloured market in London. This market is massive and has everything from clothes, to food to antiques (what is was originally). Wander around the street and try to find the bookshop and famous blue door featured in the Notting Hill movie. For a break, head to the Sun in Splendour beer garden near Notting Hill tube Station.

davLondon Market Portobello Marketdav

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7 Best Markets in LondonMarkets in LondonPortobello Market in London


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  1. I LOVE going to the market. Just to walk around, smell all the scents and awe over the colors of the food. So fun! You captured some great shots!


  2. I used to live in London before we migrate to Hitchin – Hertfordshire. It was my home there for many many years. I loved it there and still do. Thank you for bring my down the memory lane with you. x


  3. This is great! I am currently living abroad as well and I always try to check out local markets while I am traveling around. I will have to remember these places when I go to London 🙂


  4. Portobello Market is just gorgeous. Definitely putting that on my travel bucket list. I would love to live in London one day! xx

    with love, Jordyn | jordynpamela.com


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