Walking Pembrokeshire Coastal Path – 4 Days itinerary.

Wales Pembrokeshire Tenby

Two years ago, I went with a friend to Tenby to walk a small part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path in Wales. The whole trail is 300 km long and will take you from Amroth to St Dogmael (or the other way around) in 10 to 15 days. You can choose like us to do only a small part of the path and use the Coastal bus service to go back to your starting point. We arrived in Tenby by train from London (5h) and took a train back at the end of our adventure from Pembroke. We choose to stay at hostel and B&B along the way as we didn’t have camping gear. This is a “light backpack” option, however, it can be difficult to find accomodation without going back to the main road. If you’re choosing this option, make sure you book in advance (especially during the summer & holidays).

Day 1: Tenby

We set off early from London Paddington to catch a train to Tenby (you’ll have to change at Swansea) and arrived around 1:30pm. After dropping our bags at our lovely hotel, we went off exploring the city. Don’t miss the castle beach and the view on St Catherine island, which fort was build in the 19th century to protect the city against the threat of the French army. From there, wander around the city small streets and colourful houses before admiring a sunset on Harbour beach. We opted for a guided ghost tour of the city by night (£6) which I would really recommend. Wrap into something warm even in summer as the night can be chilly!

Wales Pembrokeshire TenbyWales Pembrokeshire TenbyWales Pembrokeshire Tenby

Day 2: Tenby to Manorbier

It is with a full english breakfast in our bellies that we started our walk to Manorbier. The walk wasn’t too long and we arrived at Manorbier on time for a tea and scone inside the castle ground. We stayed the night in the Youth Hostel, which offer 2 people bedrooms and family rooms. Just make sure you eat in Manorbier in the evening as there is not much near the hostel and it’s a good 15-20 minutes walk (after a day of walking it can feel like eternity!)

Wales Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (2)Wales Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (4)Wales Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (5)Wales Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (6)Wales Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (7)

Day 3: Manorbier to Bosherton

This walk was a little (okay a LOT) longer than the previous day but it was really worth it! Amazing views from the cliffs, lovely little harbour and an incredible sun! We were really lucky! We rested our tired feet at St Govan’s Inn and filled our bellies with a nice dinner.

Wales Pembrokeshire Coastal PathWales Pembrokeshire Coastal PathWales Pembrokeshire Coastal PathWales Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (12)

Day 4: St Govan’s Head to London via Pembroke

After a quick hi to St Govan’s chapel build in the rock of the cliff, accessible by 52 steps. The story said that Govan the hermit was looking for a place to hide from the pirates when the rock opened and hide him. If you look, you can see the shape of his back printed on the rock. From here, we took the bus to Pembroke – bus might not be the right word, it was more like a van with a bus sign on a A4 paper. Don’t freak out, that’s your bus indeed!

Wales Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

 Save it for late

Walking Pembrokeshire Way 2Walking Pembrokeshire Way 3Walking Pembrokeshire Way 4Walking Pembrokeshire Way


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