10 Must Do in Brighton

I have been to Brighton several times, with my boyfriend, with family, with friends and every time it’s the same feeling: holidays! Brighton on the South England coast, only an hour away from London. It’s famous for its Pier, the Lanes and its marathon! If you’re staying a couple of days in London, I really recommend doing a little detour via Brighton. You’ll not be disappointed. Below is the perfect itinerary for a day in Brighton:

Start with a Breakfast in Kemptown

Start your day with a full English breakfast in Kempton. Don’t count the calories, you’re going to burn them out walking around Brighton!

Shop Vintage on St George Road

Once your energy levels are full, wander around Kempton. It’s a really nice area with lots of little authentic shops. You can find some antiquities as a souvenir for your living room; some vintage clothes and more.

Walk along the beach

Enjoy a long walk along the beach (yeah, you have to start burning this extra bacon slice!) to head back to Brighton Pier.

Brighton Perfect Weekend - The Pier

Play at Brighton Pier

Don’t skip Brighton Pier. Yes, it’s busy and noisy but it’s part of the experience. Get an ice cream, have a tarot card reading or have a go at the kids roundabout!

Brighton Perfect Weekend - The Pier

Visit the Brighton Royal Pavilion

Have a little break in the Pavilion garden and enjoy the views of the Royal Pavilion. It looks a lot to me like Aladin Castle with all these curvy lines and little windows. As you would have guessed it was build based on Indian style. What is more surprising is that it was build in the 19th century! You can also visit inside (I never did) for a fee if you wish.

Find a quick place for lunch

After all that you would definitely have burned down the full English and will need a refill on energy. Brighton restaurants and pubs can be very busy but there is a lot of choice.

Get lost in the Lanes (literally)

After your lunch, do a bit of shopping in the labyrinth of the Lanes. Don’t hesitate to go into the tiny-teeny little streets, that’s where the oldest shops are! Warning: it can get really busy in summer. If it’s too much for you, come back later when the shops are closed, you’ll still get to see everything. Don’t miss the North Lanes, quieter and the streets are a bit bigger.

Brighton Perfect Weekend - The Lanes

Get a perfect shot of the old West Pier

That’s the place for the perfect Brighton picture, especially as the sun start to lower in the sky. Get your tripod out, set your shutter speed and shoot!

Brighton Perfect Weekend - The West PierBrighton Perfect Weekend - The West Pier

Admire the sunset from Alfresco

If it’s winter or a cold summer evening, you might want to warm up while watching the sunset on the sea!

Brighton Perfect Weekend - Sunset on the PierBrighton Perfect Weekend - Sunset on the beach

Get out and stay up late!

Brighton is renowned for its nightlife, so put your party clothes on (or not, really not that fussy about clothes here) and stay up all night!

If you’re lucky enough to stay here for a weekend or a couple of days there’s lot to do around:

  • Walk the Seven Sister

You can get a bus from Brighton to the Seven Sister country park. From here, you can either just admire the view of the white cliffs or decide to go for a walk! The full seven sister walk will take you to Eastbourne.

  • Get a glimpse at Eastbourne

I have actually visited Eastbourne before Brighton. Don’t ask me which one I prefer, they are both completely different and I love them both for different reasons. Eastbourne is very quiet but the walk along the beach is amazing.

Bye bye Brighton, I will see you again soon!

Save it for late

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