Discover Malta in Summer

I visited Malta with my parents and some friends a little while ago now. It was during August and it was sweltering! This was my last taste of summer before moving to London for 6 months (which has now turned into 5 years!) so I just embraced the heat.

Malta Summer Boat

We were staying in a flat in Gzira near Valletta, which has lots of restaurants and hotels around. This comes particularly useful in the evening when you can’t be bothered to walk too far for dinner and an ice cream.

Visit Valletta for a day or two

Malta Valletta SummerMalta Valletta Summer Street

Valletta is the biggest city in Malta and there’s a lot to see. In summer, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get any rain at all so enjoy wandering around the city. I would recommend the remparts for the view and the amazing street from one side and another of Republic Street. Walking down this street, you can’t miss the Cathedral St John’s and the Parliament. At the end of the street, you’ll find the Forst St Elmo (you can visit it – we didn’t) and a little bit further the Knight Hospitalier Museum. After visiting the last one you’ll know everything about the Knights of Malta and their roles during various periods on the island. Also, it is a very fresh museum (underground galleries and all that) so make sure you take a small jacket with you. The difference in temperature can be quite surprising!

Don’t miss the garden on the ramparts, the view is pretty amazing!

Malta Valletta Summer View from Garden

If you can, take a boat trip to have the best view on Valletta. Why not take the opportunity to visit Gozo & Comino for the day?

Malta Valletta Summer View from BoatMalta Valletta Summer View from Boat

Take a boat trip to Gozo & Comino

Below is the picture of Comino Blue Lagoon you see on Instagram:

Malta Comino Blue LagoonMalta Comino Blue Lagoon

That’s what’s on the other side!

Comino is VERY touristic. Yes, it’s crowded, yes, it’s overpriced. However, the clear water and the location between two pieces of land still make it really nice. I would recommend taking a boat tour that does Gozo & Comino so you don’t spend the whole day fighting for 3 cm3 in Comino. If you like diving, there’s also some incredible spots around!

Walk to St Julian’s Bay

Malta St Julian BayMalta St Julian Bay

St Julian Bay is a really nice evening walk to admire the sunset (and walk off your diner!).

Take a bus to Mostra Rotunda

The best way to travel in Malta is via bus or rent a car/scooter. We took a bus to visit Mostra Rotunda in a little village in the middle of the Island.

Visit Malta Rotunda ChurchVisit Malta Rotunda Church

Visit Mdina

From there, we went to Mdina, which is a lovely fortified city.

Malta Mdina fortified cityMalta in Summer Door knockers

A fun tip to keep the kids busy (or the big kids like me!): there’s an incredible amount of different knocker!

Should you go?

It’s for you if you’re looking for some relaxed but still culturally rich holidays. The Island is also renowned for its parties and nightclubs if you’re looking for some drink, food and sun holidays! Avoid summer if you can’t bear the heat and/or crowds and opt for spring or autumn when the climate is still good but the island is less busy.

What about kids?

I’d say that Malta is a very kid-friendly holidays choice although, there is very few beaches. It’s not your usual beach holidays!

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay! If you have already been, I’d love to hear from you!

Save it for late

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