10 Free Incredible London Views

There are plenty of places that claims to offer you the BEST view of London and I'm sure the view is amazing from the London eye, I just can't stand neither the queueing nor the price! During my five years in London I've found some hidden gems, little places, all free that offers incredible views of the big smoke!


10 Must Do in Brighton

Brighton is the perfect escape from London if you need a bit of fresh salty air. You can go for a day or a weekend, during summer or winter, it will always feels like a holiday!

7 Best Markets in London

Summer is almost here and it is the best season for discovering London's best Markets! The weather is nice and the proper summer tourist crowds haven't arrived yet. Find below my favorites 7 (lucky number) markets in Central London. Broadway Market Saturdays between 9am-5pm. Tube: Bethnal Green then 20 minutes walk / Train: Cambridge Heath or London... Continue Reading →

Colne Valley – Country Walks near London

On bank holiday weekend, we decided to try one of the many country walk around London. If you look on a map, Colne Valley looks like a big green area with blue spots between Slough and Watford. The valley actually follows the Grand Union canal, which was used to transport goods between Birmingham and London before the... Continue Reading →

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